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Community Harvest

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

We are delighted that Phipps Bridge Community Garden is now part of the Community Harvest project; a new initiative by Capital Growth providing community food gardens with tools, materials and advice to grow more food for the local community, particularly those who need it the most.

"Phipps Bridge Community Garden has recently set up extra Sunday volunteering sessions for Sustainable Merton's Community Champions and others to help at this busy time of year.

Over the summer months, we're normally too busy harvesting and maintaining the land to think much about autumn and winter crops, but the Community Harvest project has made us review our activities and see how we can make better use of our land until later in the year.

We're using the Community Harvest funding to buy crops which we can plant and sow right away, which means we'll be able to keep harvesting and donating produce to Merton's Community Fridge for several more months.

The Community Fridge is feeding around 20 households each week, with food which would otherwise have gone to waste donated by Fareshare and several local shops and supermarkets, plus the produce from Phipps Bridge Community Garden."

Ruth Baber

Community Gardening Coordinator


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