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Crossrail 2: Redevelopment opportunities

Crossrail 2 is a proposed new railway connecting National Rail networks in Surrey and Hertfordshire via new tunnels and stations between Wimbledon, Tottenham Hale and New Southgate linking in with London Underground, London Overground, Crossrail 1, national and international rail.

The route isn’t fixed yet. Whilst the new station will benefit local people with improved transport links we anticipate major disruption to Wimbledon Town Centre during the construction phase.

We would like to capitalise on the Crossrail 2 reconstruction to make Wimbledon a pleasanter and more sustainable town centre.

Redevelopment could bring:

New buildings constructed to the highest levels of energy conservation and efficiency; This means buildings where the able bodied can get to the upper floors without needing to take the lift, where they are about the same height as mature trees so that the green canopy is not excluded from the skyline, where access is from the front and not impeded by car parking, where the windows overlook the street so that pedestrians feel safer, where there is an active frontage so that there is movement and interest when passing by and where the grain of shops is fine so that the street is not dominated by chain shops, allowing small local businesses to become part of the high street. And where there is a mix of employment and residential, to minimise commuting and to increase localism.

New streets where the priority is shifted towards the pedestrian and the cyclist, where conflict between pedestrian and vehicle is reduced by relocating through traffic away from the centre. And by forming footways that are easily cleaned, are smooth without puddles or steps at points where vehicles cross over and are unobstructed by vehicle parking bays, signs and conventional street paraphernalia. And also, where there are no recesses where people can wait unobserved or can carry out antisocial activity, and which can be easily cleaned and maintained.

Green routes, where it becomes a pleasure to walk instead of a necessity, where grey water run-off from buildings can be channelled and harvested, where, specimen trees can be planted and their beneficial effect on the surroundings can be fully developed.

New cultural and social facilities which act as the glue to the community and encourage interaction, friendship and education, as well as entertainment.


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