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Dig Merton

2015 saw seven schools in the Mitcham area establish or revitalise their vegetable growing spaces with our help. Children grew a whole host of different seasonal vegetables in their playgrounds to pick and enjoy. One particular memory that stands out more than the rest this year is how pupils at William Morris Primary managed to build a raised bed and fill it in one lesson, despite the tonne of compost to fill it with being more than 100 metres away!

The summer saw the revitalisation of the herb garden outside the medical centre on Haslemere Avenue in Phipps Bridge, and the establishment of a new gardening group at Nelson Gardens in partnership with High Path Residents Association.

Sustainable Merton were also pleased to offer gardening and cooking sessions at The Shine Project Summer School, and Viridian have asked us to continue assisting residents at Lavender Avenue to maintain their veggie patch and to help establish a gardening committee.

Thank you to all partners, volunteers, schools and local residents for your support and hard work this year!


Community Gardening Project Coordinator


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