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Food News Wrap-Up


Sustainable Merton's Food Champions have been busy digging into the latest news, research, events and opportunities to bring you our digestible, monthly news wrap-up covering all things Food!

What's New?

What's next for the global food system? The Foodbytes! Quarterly Trend Report (Q2, 2020) looks into innovation areas expected to drive lasting change after the pandemic.

Food industry figures across the United Kingdom have published a ‘path to recovery’ for the industry post-Covid 19. The proposals outline steps Government and industry can take to future proof the sector, and call on the Government to address the UK’s negative balance of trade in food.

The Dynamic Food Procurement National Advisory Board's manifesto focuses on the lessons that can be learned from the Covid-19 crisis about how we direct our food systems.

This article by Food Manifesto Wales focuses on the local response to Covid-19 across the UK and gives some pointers towards what might come next.

The Farm to Fork Strategy will enable the transition to a sustainable EU food system that safeguards food security and ensures access to healthy diets sourced from a healthy planet. It will reduce the environmental and climate footprint of the EU food system and strengthen its resilience, protecting citizens' health and ensuring the livelihoods of economic operators.

The UK government continues to work on the Agriculture Bill which focuses on boosting productivity and rewarding environmental improvements in the farming sector.

What's On?

Running from 18-27 September, Capital Growth's Urban Harvest Festival celebrates community gardening, something we at Sustainable Merton are passionate about due to the many benefits to health, well being and the environment 🌿🍓

This year, the festival is moving online and there are lots of events and workshops to enjoy, from growing food for resilience to age-friendly volunteering in community food gardens and much more!

Stay tuned for more Food news!


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