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Getting started with Olio: the food sharing app

Updated: Oct 5, 2018

"I've recently signed up to the Olio app, an app designed to allow local communities to share unwanted food items in a bid to reduce food waste.

My motivation for joining was that our garden has been overflowing with courgettes! Despite putting them in pasta bakes, salads, fritters, skewers, and cakes, we still have them coming out of our ears. I listed them on the app and immediately got requests from local people, who were delighted to pop over and pick some up. You don't have to give your address until you've spoken to the person and are happy with them coming over - plus there is a rating system so you see how they have been rated by others.

I also listed a load of bubble wrap on the non-food section of the app which came with a delivery. I didn't think anyone would want it but I was loathe to throw it in the bin. Within a day, it had been requested by someone who turned out to live opposite us! So it's also a nice way to meet your neighbours too!

It takes a bit of effort to coordinate pick-ups, but I would definitely recommend the app. It's very satisfying to see your leftover/excess food going to a good home rather than in the bin!"


Community Champion



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