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Giki Zero: Test the beta version of the personal eco planner app

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Blog by Rachael Edwards

Community Champions Project Manager

Looking for ways to get involved with sustainable action from home? Want to promote sustainable behaviour change?

Last week, several of Sustainable Merton's Community Champions and I had the opportunity to learn about Giki Zero, a personal eco planner web app that integrates gamification techniques to help people reduce their environmental impact. Through Zoom online video chat, we were treated to a personal demo by James Hand, co-founder of Giki. Giki Zero is currently in beta phase (for non-techies out there, this essentially means it’s in testing) and James is looking for people like you to try it out and provide feedback.

What is Giki Zero?

Giki Zero is a web app (i.e., a computer program that runs through the internet) that works as a step-by-step guide to understanding and reducing your carbon footprint. Not only does it calculate your carbon footprint, but Giki Zero also suggests a wide variety of actions you can take to reduce your footprint. To provide some extra motivation, it uses gamification (i.e., the use of game design elements in non-game contexts to provide a sense of achievement and fun) through awarding badges when you complete these actions and reduce your footprint in other areas. I was really impressed by the level of detail on the app and how it helps everyone to reduce their impact (and feel good doing it), no matter where they are on their sustainability journey.

How do I use Giki Zero?

Getting started on Giki Zero is easy! First, head to their webpage and create an account. The first time you login, Giki will ask you a few simple questions about things that contribute to your environmental impact (e.g., What is your general diet? Do you own a car?) and calculate your carbon footprint compared to both the U.K. average and the target if we are to limit global warming to 1.5C. Your footprint is also broken down in six sectors: home, transport, food, purchases, services, and conservation. This information is displayed on your Dashboard.

To get an even more accurate estimate of your footprint, you have the option to input more detailed lifestyle information (e.g., how many pieces of clothing do you purchase annually?) on the Footprints page of the app. Finally, you can also head to the Action Plan page for suggestions on reducing your impact and to create a personalized Action Plan.

Your input will help improve Giki Zero!

As Giki Zero is in a beta/testing phase, James and his partners want YOUR INPUT to make it even better for when it’s officially launched. What features could be added to the app? Which actions are missing? As a Sustainable Merton follower, your input is invaluable. So what are you waiting for?

Start using Giki Zero today and email James with your thoughts and suggestions at With your help, Giki can have an even greater impact on promoting sustainable behaviour change.

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