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Green Geeks host event to inspire sustainable business in Merton

On 23rd May, Sustainable Merton - the borough’s leading environmental charity, partnered with Merton Chamber of Commerce and Morden-based software development company Geeks Ltd. to bring together local businesses and organisations working to reduce their environmental impact at a time when concern about the escalating climate crisis continues to grow.

Representatives shared inspiring stories of the positive actions they are taking and services they offer to make business in Merton more sustainable for the benefit of the environment and local economy, whilst also reaping the financial benefits of reduced consumption of energy and resources.

From eliminating single-use plastic, recycling responsibly and sourcing local package-free food, to switching energy supplier and raising awareness of environmental issues both internally and within the wider community, these businesses are demonstrating that although the initial challenge might seem overwhelming, it IS possible, and we can all be part of the solution.

Getting everyone on board and working together with other businesses to learn and share experiences is key, and we will continue to lead the green conversation - building this growing network and strengthening Merton’s local response to the global climate emergency we are facing.

Awareness of the climate crisis has rocketed in recent months, and with this has come the question “What can I do about it?”. Today we heard from businesses making positive incremental changes that, although may seem small, are the actions that will have a big impact when others adopt them too. And this is why the best way for us to make a difference is by sharing our decisions, successes and challenges with colleagues, networks, friends and family.

Tom Walsh - Community Ambassador, Sustainable Merton

We want businesses to come together and to share their experiences and learning in this vital area of work - not only because of the climate emergency but because it’s good for business - it’s very empowering for staff to be able to make a difference in their workplaces.

Diana Sterck, Chief Executive of Merton Chamber of Commerce

Geeks Green Club has been individually trying to move Geeks to becoming a more sustainable business and have made some great improvements over the last year. Today was a chance to share our experiences with the local business community and learn from other businesses who are also working towards the same goals. It was really exciting and inspiring to talk to so many people who are doing great work and we look forward to working within the community further to help make our borough greener.

Jo Clitheroe - Head of Innovation Management/Lead Project Manager, Geeks Ltd

Photos - Geeks Ltd.


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