Grow, Taste, Eat for Health and Well Being

We are excited to be working with Cricket Green School at Mitcham Community Orchard as part of our new community gardening initiative - 'Grow, Taste, Eat for Health and Well Being', supported by the Wimbledon Foundation Community Fund.

The project will bring together school children and their parents to learn about growing fruit and vegetables, taste the food they grow and connect with others for healthier minds and healthier living.

We've had three sessions with the children so far, two at Mitcham Community Orchard and one in the classroom. The students have enjoyed digging and weeding the two beds allocated to them, explored the variety of different herb smells on the land (mint, rosemary, thyme, lemon balm, oregano), made a great start assisting with the clearance of weeds in the wildlife area and had the pleasure of tasting some of the tastiest cherries you'll ever come across straight from the tree!

We're looking forward to continuing the great work throughout the growing season.

Thanks to the support of the Wimbledon Foundation the children will learn all about food growing and how good for us fresh fruit and veg can be. The parents will be amazed to see their children trying all of the foods they grow because in our experience children will always want to taste their home grown food. This fact will allow us to introduce these great kids to a whole range of foods they might have missed in the past and this has to have a beneficial effect on their health and well being.

Tom Walsh - Community Ambassador, Sustainable Merton

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