How to... build a vertical green wall

Looking for a new project to keep you busy? Why not try building your own vertical green wall out of a pallet and some old compost bags! A simple DIY upcycling project that will look stylish, brighten up your garden and provide a home for nature.

In true "here's one I made earlier!" style, Community Gardening Coordinator Ruth has created her own vertical green wall and we think it looks great! Here, she shares her simple 6-step how to guide to help you get started.

Step 1

I started by sawing off the bottom of the pallet so it was the same height as the wall where I wanted to situate it.

The quickest and easiest way to create a vertical green wall is to jam plant pots into a pallet but they dry out very quickly and need very regular watering so I’ve re-used pieces plastic from old compost bags to create pouches holder larger volumes of soil. I considered using denim from old jeans which would be strong and offer good drainage. But as my wall was going to be in a very sunny spot I was concerned that denim pouches would cause the soil to dry out too quickly, though it might work well in a shady location.

Step 2