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Is the future electric for Merton?

Merton Council is currently consulting on its third Local Implementation Plan (LIP), which covers all things transport. 

Did you know? 

Merton has 68 operational 7kW electric vehicle (EV) charging points, with 31 more to come, along with 2 operational 50kW rapid charge stations, with 23 more to be installed.

The LIP includes an overall objective for 85% of residents to be to be within a 10 minute walk of an EV charging point. 

The borough also has 3 car clubs, with over 5,200 car club members and up to 70 cars being used! Car clubs can provide you with a cleaner and cheaper means of accessing a car when you need one, minus the hassle that comes with owning one.

Our Community Champion Susanna invested in her purchasing her own electric vehicle which can be charged by the solar panels installed on her home.

"The car was a similar price to a non-electric model, so in the long run I will be saving money."

Running costs are low because the insurance is less and there is no road tax or congestion charge to pay.

Have your say on the future plans for the future of transport in Merton by 12th April.


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