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Join the wonky veg revolution

ODDBOX is a fruit and veg box delivery scheme that works with local farmers and growers to divert wonky and surplus produce from the fields to your plate.

When exploring their website to decide if the scheme was right for us, we discovered that between 20% and 40% of food produced in the UK does not leave the farm, where it is grown and wasted simply because it is deemed to be the wrong shape or size. From learning this, we knew that we wanted to know more about what ODDBOX offered.

We have been receiving the boxes for the last three months and are still excited to look inside when they come, knowing that everything within would never have left the farm without a scheme such as this. It is a plus for us, but also for the local farmers (mainly from Kent and East Anglia) who are able to sell more of what they grow.

Why should you join the #WonkyVegRevolution?

Amazing Quality

The fruit and vegetables may be slightly larger or smaller than supermarkets want, or uneven in colour or a bit misshapen, but it is all very fresh and delicious. It’s also excellent value for money.


Each box contains a variety of vegetables (and fruit if you choose the mixed box). Each box is different, so since we started using ODDBOX we have received a wide range of produce, some of which we have never bought before.

Convenience, including good communication & organisation

Three different size boxes come weekly or fortnightly (and can be cancelled if not convenient at a particular time). Information about the contents is sent a few days prior to delivery and the provenance of everything in the box is included, with some recipes.


We have enjoyed cooking a wider range of dishes than we would otherwise, including warming winter soups using the parsnips, rainbow carrots (purple and yellow), turnips, swede, artichokes, squashes and kale.

Cathie & Alan

Sustainable Merton supporters


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A delicious white cabbage with a cut in the base

A juicy apple but more oblong than usual

Tasty kale doubling up as packing for what’s in the box. No plastics are used anywhere, not even to secure the box


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