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New volunteer led hot meal service launches in SW19

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

KommunityKitchen is opening its first free hot meal delivery service in Wimbledon Park this week to help the vulnerable during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Local businessman, Michael Woolsey, has made it his mission to deliver free healthy hot meals to vulnerable people, including the elderly, children on free school meals, the homeless and all NHS staff and key workers, during the current global crisis.

The KommunityKitchen project aims to spearhead the plan to utilise as many of the

identified 15,000 possible venues, such as community centres, and turn them into working

kitchens. Each venue will be managed by a voluntary ‘Kitchen Leader’ and a team of

volunteers who will shop, cook, clean and deliver to the vulnerable in their neighbourhood.

The vulnerable or their family members or carers, will be able to place their orders by the website or by phone. Meals will be delivered to their doorsteps, observing all social distancing & COVID-19 guidelines.

It is a very ambitious project,” said Michael Woolsey, “but we need to act urgently as this crisis is happening right now. A new kitchen can be set up in just 24 hours, so we really can make an impact in every neighbourhood.”

KommunityKitchen is seeking volunteers, as well as sponsors and donations to provide the funds to buy food. Our ‘diners’ can register their interest on the website and as soon as a kitchen is set up in their area we will be able to serve them.

Anyone wanting to get involved in any way should visit or contact


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