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Being a Community Champion

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

Maame's story

Hi, I’m Maame!

Over the summer, I was given the fantastic opportunity to volunteer as a Community Champion with Sustainable Merton. I had the chance to discover the area of Merton as well as make a difference to its environment.

On my first day, I was invited to help out at Phipps Bridge Herb Garden, and I found this a very joyful experience. I saw how full of life the members of the charity and the public were. Everyone was extremely welcoming and I got straight onto clearing the garden with the rest of the team. Having had such an amazing first day, I was already excited to see what activities I would be doing at other Community Champions events.

The next day I was asked to come to the Phipps Bridge Community Garden. It was beautiful, blossoming with plants such as tomatoes, lettuces as well as apple trees. I was glad to see residents of the local area from all ages getting involved with the activities. The sun was shining bright, so I was given the most important job of watering the plants. I learnt that the best way to after these plants was to give them just enough water.

We also attended the Pollards Hill Sun Fest, where we spread awareness of our charity and gave people lots of information on how to save water and energy, by giving out shower timers and promoting the use of an energy monitor.

Working with Sustainable Merton was a blast, it made me realise what really can be achieved in the community. I also realised that a sense of togetherness and teamwork is necessary to promoting community development.


Community Champion


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