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Merton Green Parents is back!

We are very excited to be relaunching Merton Green Parents thanks to Community Champion and mum Hanna. Merton Green Parents will be meeting the second Saturday of each month, 10am in Wimbledon Park and has a WhatsApp group dedicated to everything parenting and sustainable.

To find out more about our next meetup, visit our events page. Children of all ages are of course welcome.

To join the WhatsApp group, or if you have any questions, email

Hanna would like to welcome all Merton parents to join:

Hi All,

My name is Hanna and I live in Wimbledon Park. I am re-starting Merton Green Parents on behalf of Sustainable Merton. We want to start a group connecting local parents who want to live and parent sustainably. You definitely don’t need to already live a plastic-free life with your baby in cloth nappies. Everyone is welcome and we want to share advice and just connect.

We hold monthly meet-ups the second Saturday of each month, occasionally inviting guest-speakers to tell us more about a specific topic. We want to talk about plastic, nature, the climate crisis, your local community and a lot more.

Our first event will be on Saturday, 11th September at 10am at Wimbledon Park and we’re very excited that our topic will be clothes, toy and book rental services (library anyone?). We want to talk about buying less and renting more. We will find out how they work, why they’re better for the environment and how you can sign up.

Click here to register for our inaugural meetup.


Sustainable Merton Community Champion

& Merton Green Parents Coordinator


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