Nature is AWEsome!

Sarah Tobin, co-founder of Young Climate Warriors, tells us all about the inspiring actions young residents are taking to protect our environment...

‘Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. Its not’

- Dr Seuss, The Lorax

In the days of the Wild West, adventurers travelled across the world looking for gold ore because they thought this would make them rich and happy. The Young Climate Warriors school holiday challenge was to look for a different sort of ‘awe’. A beach with crashing waves. A park where sunlight is dappling through new leaves. A pond with insects so light they can skate along the surface of the water.

Young Climate Warriors is a new initiative for children which is partly based in the Borough of Merton. Five Merton schools are already taking part. Children complete the SAME challenge in the SAME week, cutting harmful emissions and reducing the waste of precious resources.

Our school holiday challenge was to be AWEstruck by nature.

‘AWE is the feeling of respect and amazement we have when faced with something wonderful or even frightening’. As an introduction to our weekly challenges we provide some ‘did you know’ facts. In the case of our Nature is AWEsome challenge this included: ‘some of our most loved natural spaces, insects, animals and plants are threatened by climate change. We need to keep our carbon emissions as low as possible to prevent species extinction’.

The Young Climate Warriors website sets a weekly challenge for children to try at home, as well as providing links to Climate Change related educational materials appropriate for children, parents and teachers.

Over the course of the holiday, Young Climate Warriors sent in photos revealing that nature is indeed AWEsome. Here are a few quotes: