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Pipbrook: The plastic-free online supermarket

Have you ever been into a supermarket and thought, "why is this product in plastic?"

The use of plastic packaging in our supermarkets is prolific, and it's suffocating our planet.

In the UK, a study found that 72% of the drinking water tested contained plastic; yet the UK boasted the lowest score from the global study.

Increasing numbers of news articles and local campaigns prove that demand for plastic-free is high, yet big businesses can't respond. Plastic is built into their business model; it keeps food fresher for longer, prolonging the shelf life and increasing profit. As a result the consumer rarely has the option to buy plastic-free.

Pipbrook will change that. We will give the consumer a choice to remove packaging from their daily lives. By simply switching where to shop, households can eliminate 162kgs of plastic a year. Across Merton, that's an annual reduction of over 13,000 tonnes not going to oceans and landfill.

Same products. Comparable price. No plastic.

Pipbrook. Coming soon...

Emma Rogers

Community Champion


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