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Residents commit to climate action at Morden Hall Park's BioBlitz

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

We had a fantastic day at Morden Hall Park's annual BioBlitz on 1st June. And what a great way to kick off Volunteers' Week too!

Our Community Champions spoke to visitors about the climate crisis we are facing, and 20 local residents made their Climate Action Pledge - committing to a total of 128 actions they can take to be part of the solution and act now for the future of our planet!

From using Merton Council's food waste collection service, switching all light bulbs to LEDs and not idling your vehicle, to introducing 'meat free Monday', these are the pledges that will make a difference 🌏

Many of those we spoke to were particularly concerned about plastic pollution and the climate crisis - two very topical issues that people are recognising the urgency of, thanks to the awareness raising efforts of inspiring individuals such as Greta Thunberg and Sir David Attenborough, but also of national and local environmental charities who have an important role to play.

Some residents told us about the changes that have already made to reduce single-use plastic or improve the energy efficiency of their home, but whether you are just starting out on your journey to reduce your impact on the planet, or are already doing your bit, there are ways we can all step up our efforts and play our part to tackle local and global environmental issues.

Scroll down to make your pledge!

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It was fantastic to spend time at BioBlitz promoting sustainable actions to the community and discovering how so many are already participating in a sustainable lifestyle and have the desire to do more.


Community Champion

It was great to see so many families out enjoying the beautiful surroundings of Morden Hall Park and to talk to people about their concerns about the climate crisis and what they are doing in their lives.


Community Champion


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