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Residents get digging for cleaner air in Merton!

Sustainable Merton is working in partnership with Clarion Housing to create a nursery of saplings at Morden Rec as preparations get under way for the delivery of Clarion's Merton Regeneration Project.

On Saturday 14th April, Sustainable Merton’s volunteers, along with Tim Sargeant from Clarion Housing, set about planting a variety of small trees along the boundary edge of the nursery. It was a perfect day for planting - the soil was damp, the sun was shining, and lots of passers by were very interested in what was going on. After a hard days work, holes had been dug, the soil was fertilised and around 250 young trees were planted. A fantastic effort by everyone who took part, and it was great to see a number of school children there a couple of weeks later finishing the job for us!

The nursery will house the various phases of the replacement trees that will be eventually replanted on High Path Estate.


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