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Sustainable Living: Energy Saving

Energy conservation and living sustainably are of great importance in our world today.

To ‘switch off’ appliances is also cost-effective, as leaving items on standby can use up-to 85% of the total power as a result of electricity still passing through the appliance.

What can you do to save energy at home and in the workplace?

  • Use both sides of paper and format documents to fit less paper and minimise printing.

  • Set contrast and brightness of computer/laptop monitor as low as comfortable for eyes.

  • Use energy efficient equipment e.g. kinetic/ecodrive watches and condensing boilers

  • Switch off the base-unit and computer monitor completely when leaving the office – do not leave of standby

  • Focus on switching off as you go (select LED or energy efficient, timer based items)

  • Cleaning at lower temperatures helps prevent the appliance from overheating and also protects the environment. Washing machines and dishwashers which heat their own water should be kept to lower temperature settings because all modern detergents are designed to clean successfully at 40C and some at 30C.

Reducing energy wastage in my home makes good sense – if I apply a similar behaviour when in the office then I can make a real difference in safeguarding my environment.


Community Champion


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