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Sustainable Merton working to develop environmental strategy for new stadium

Photo: AFC Wimbledon

Sustainable Merton is pleased to announce its new partnership with AFC Wimbledon, as we work together to develop the club's sustainability objectives and environmental policy.

Work is under way, and Sustainable Merton Community Champion Emma has now set out a draft environmental policy for deliberation and discussion.

The policy is wide ranging and covers six particular areas where the club can make a real difference to their environmental impact. These are transport, energy, food and drink, water, sourcing and recycling.

The policy will not only apply to the club and it’s fans but include suppliers too.

In the near future the club intends to move back to Merton in a brand new

stadium but even before this happens they want to make changes around

single-use plastics and recycling. To this end, the club has already announced

the introduction of biodegradable bags in its club shop.

Sustainable Merton is proud to be supporting AFC Wimbledon on their

environmental journey and will report back on our progress on a regular basis.

"We are delighted to be working with Wimbledon AFC on their environmental and sustainability plans for the new stadium. We are very keen to work with any organisation that deals with a large number of visitors in order to reduce the waste from single use plastics and the blight that these plastics can cause in the environment"

Diana Sterck

CEO, Sustainable Merton


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