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Tamworth Farm Allotments garden party

Plot holders came together on 6th September for the Tamworth Farm Allotment Society’s annual garden party!

Guests enjoyed a delicious BBQ and owners entered their best crops in to the fruit and vegetable competition… Winning categories included most unusual crop, tallest sunflower and best cooked dish and the competition was tough!

Michelle (Dig Merton) had the difficult task of helping to judge and tells us there was a wealth of produce to feast your eyes and bellies on!

“It was a great pleasure to be one of the judges at Tamworth Farm Allotments family day this year. The weather had been pretty dreary the days leading up to it, so the blue sky brought a much welcome break from this. It also gave a beautiful backdrop to the stunning plots and produce that laid in wait for us!

The winning entries included a 57cm long squash, a purple cauliflower, courgette falafel with beetroot humus and rhubarb crumble muffins.

Plot holders and their families brought a mouth watering array of yummy food dishes to share. There was even deep fried squash flower and sage leaf tempura.

Winner of the best laid platter had over 50 different fruit and veg growing on their plot!”


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