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Singlegate Biostation


During the summer holidays of 2008 five volunteers from Sustainable Merton installed a pond-based ecosystem at Singlegate Primary School in Colliers Wood with the help of pupils, parents and staff.

​What was achieved?

  • A raised dry wall rockery was built

  • A selection of flowering shrubs, trees and spring bulbs were planted.

  • Aquatic plants for the pond, a shed, picnic table and picket fence were added to complete the picture and it wasn’t long before dragonflies arrived, followed by newts, frogs and birds. 

The creation of the Biostation at Singlegate Primary School was an exciting and worthwhile project and was part of a bigger environmental awareness process going on at the school, for which it was awarded the Gold Standard in the 2009 ‘London in Bloom‘ contest.


Sustainable Merton believes that projects like this are vital if our children are going to develop an interest in the natural world and, in time, take on the role of its protectors.

Singlegate Primary Biostation.jpg
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