A Guide to Zero Waste Week 2020

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

This week (7th - 11th September) is Zero Waste Week, an award-winning campaign to raise awareness of the environmental impact of consumer waste.

Sustainable Merton Community Champion Gilly tells us more about the campaign and how we can all start to make the small changes that matter.

What is Zero Waste Week?

Founded in 2008 by Rachael Strauss, the concept is a simple one: an opportunity for us all to consider and implement ways to live our lives in a way that minimises the waste we produce. It also aims to encourage methods of recycling, reusing and reducing our need for large quantities of unnecessary packaging and non-essential consumables.

The term 'zero waste' is, in fact, more of an ideal than a widespread possibility. But the ideology is very sound and the more ethically and morally driven we are, the greater our chance of successfully refusing, reducing and finding new ways to do things to lessen our environmental impact.

Why is it important?

There's never been more need to take care of our environment and reduce what we use and how we dispose of it, but equally, never has there been such a wealth of information and range of great innovative products to help us do so. By taking small steps, we can all make a difference together.

Dedicating a specific week to this serves not only to highlight the problems we all face, but provide ideas and support for those less familiar with confronting the waste issue. What started as a local awareness campaign in the UK has now become a globally recognised initiative that has individuals, businesses, schools and whole communities worldwide, doing their bit.

How can you get involved?