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Become a local energy advisor

Our friends at CREW Energy will be running a series of weekly, volunteer-run energy advice cafes from November to March in locations in Merton, Wandsworth and Lambeth, and they are looking for local volunteers to train as energy advisors.

The energy cafes offer participants personalised face-to-face assisted support for switching energy suppliers; advice on energy efficiency measures and behaviours; and then, depending on circumstances, advice and signposting to trusted suppliers around energy debt support, renewables and energy efficiency measures.

The goal is to help those in fuel poverty reduce their energy costs and have a warmer home. All done over a coffee and sometimes even a piece of cake!

Could you be an energy advisor?

Volunteers will be trained to be energy advisors to work on the energy cafes in their local area. They will attend a 21-hour AQA-accredited training course on becoming a local energy champion, to be held in October.

The volunteers will be expected to commit a half day, most likely during working hours, every four weeks to the project from November through March.

Our energy cafes are a sign of solidarity with our fellows who are not as lucky and a reminder that a run of bad luck, unemployment, injury or illness can easily tip one into financial stress.

For more information and to sign up, please contact


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