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Bring back bottle deposits!

60,000 of us took the survey telling the government to bring back bottle deposits. Now the Environment Minister Michael Gove has opened a brand new consultation dedicated to bottle deposit schemes, and he wants our thoughts.

“Mr Gove must show some bottle and put in place a deposit scheme without delay! We’re drowning in plastic, and a deposit scheme is such an obvious way to reduce plastic pollution whilst also saving taxpayers money.”

Dan, Community Champion

Evidence from other countries, including the US, Norway and Germany, shows that the introduction of a simple deposit on plastic bottles and cans can raise collection rates above 90% and reduce littering. A recent report by Surfers Against Sewage also shows that introducing a bottle deposit scheme for England would benefit local economies and communities, saving councils money that could be redirected to other vital frontline services.

If thousands of us flood it with messages Michael Gove will have proof that the public wants to bring back bottle deposits. It could be the final push he needs to commit!

"As a maritime nation we should be at the forefront of cleaning up our oceans and the introduction of a deposit return scheme would go a long way to achieving this. In countries where it is running, recycling rates have rocketed to 90%.”

Tom Walsh, CEO


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