Business Champions: Thinking Alliance

Thinking Alliance helps people & teams create better ways to live and work for good. Our coaching, workshops and consultancy give people time and space to think for themselves, generate ideas and plans that play to their strengths, and make progress on the things that really matter. We enjoy thinking with people and organisations working purposefully to improve their own or other people’s lives and to sustain our planet.

Why is sustainability important to you?

I’ve loved being outdoors and learning about the natural world all my life. With the deepening climate crisis, I feel compelled to do what I can through my business to protect the environment and our world and help others to do the same.

What environmental issues particularly resonate with your business?

I believe that our connection with nature builds resilience, wellbeing and can be a source of inspiration, which is why I offer outdoor coaching. I’m interested in what we can do locally to improve the fantastic habitats we already have in Merton and help people to appreciate and connect with what’s on their doorstep.

What are you currently doing to be more sustainable?

I try to make green choices wherever I can, such as avoiding plastic, buying less and switching to a green energy tariff. When we’re allowed to move around again, there will be no more domestic flights for clients in Scotland and I’m sure the bike will be out more and more for London clients!

Why would you encourage other businesses to become a Business Champion?

I’ve recently joined the Network and have already picked up some good ideas from local businesses for othe