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Updated: Feb 2, 2023 is an award-winning Merton-based peer-to-peer marketplace for buying and selling ski clothing in the circular economy.

Set up by Merton residents Sally Warren and Nicola Davenport, WhoSki, which won the Business Innovation award at the 2022 Merton Best Business Awards, exists to keep hard-to-recycle snow wear in active usage for as long as possible, helping reduce its carbon footprint, making skiing more affordable and promoting sustainability in the winter sports sector.

Here, Sally and Nicola tell us more about the action WhoSki is taking to address the environmental challenges in the ski clothing industry...



"Ski clothing is almost impossible to recycle due to its composition from numerous layers of technical fabrics and fixings. It is costly, designed to last, struggles to decompose and is likely to be hanging around for 200+ years.

According to research from leading outdoors apparel specialist GORE, a typical waterproof, windproof and breathable GORE-TEX® jacket carries an estimated carbon footprint of 72.7 kg of CO2. Most of this (65%) occurs during the production and distribution of the original jacket.

Currently, unwanted ski clothes are among those which end up in landfill, are incinerated and are now even found being exported and dumped in the Global South."


"It is our mission to help keep this clothing in active usage, raise awareness of the issue of textiles waste and support environmental campaigns in the winter sports sector. We created as an easy-to-use platform where anyone can quickly and simply sell and buy secondhand ski wear. It’s an easy way to pass on ski clothing which is still in good condition but is no longer needed, as well as recoup some of your investment in those piste pieces. also hosts a #SkiGreen Directory which lists businesses, organisations and resorts which provide sustainable services in the wintersports sector. Our blog provides advice and information on skiing matters including how to travel, what to pack or wear, sustainability and resort information. Look out too for our tips on how best to buy and sell in the marketplace.

We are active members of organisations including the international Re-Action Collective and the Ellen Macarthur Foundation community."


"We donate 25% of our commission on sales to Merton’s award-winning teenage mental health charity, stem4. Supporting a local organisation that does vital work with youngsters is a key part of our philosophy and we are proud to be a corporate partner of stem4."


" continues to build an engaged community of buyers and sellers across the UK who are actively extending the life of wintersports every time they use our platform. Anyone can sign up for free to list their ski clothes and receive alerts when new items drop on the site. Spread the word if you have friends, colleagues or neighbours who may be interested.

We are regular participants in panel events, webinars and campaigns on sustainability and eco issues. Get in touch if your business or organisation would like to hear more."


  • Keeping clothing in active usage is the best way to reduce its impact on the environment

  • Make sure re-sale items are clean and in good condition. Use a professional local repair shop if your mending skills are not up to scratch

  • Be transparent about wear and tear when selling on your clothes - no one wants a nasty surprise

  • Price your items realistically

  • Provide plenty of information and good photos when listing items for sale

  • You're not just doing good for the environment, it's great to be able to say when someone asks where you got your gear "It's pre-loved and it was only 'X' £s!"


"We have plans to extend the range offered via beyond snow wear, helping keep even more secondhand active gear in circulation and out of landfill 365 days/year. Going on a hiking trip or taking part in an expedition that requires outdoor gear? Think before you buy new, and use our platform to sell the kit you no longer need."


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