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Ghosts, vampires and single-use plastic

Once a year on October 31st we have the chance to dress up in an eye-catching costume, it doesn’t even need to be scary these days. But year after year, outfit after outfit… there’s something that’s scarier than our Halloween costumes - the waste they leave behind.

With Halloween costumes predicted to create 2000 tonnes of plastic waste in the UK this year, perhaps we should be thinking about more sustainable ways we can enjoy the holiday. Here are some top tips for still smashing your Halloween celebrations, but avoiding the mountain of waste it leaves behind.

Plan in advance

Halloween may be very close now, but rather than waiting for the day and running around town trying to find something to wear, inevitably something like plastic devil horns, why not give it a bit of thought in advance. That way, you can take more time to plan your outfit in a more creative way, rather than just going out and buying a bunch of single use plastics.

Make something

Sometimes it’s nice to dress up as something different rather than the same black cat every year. But changing it up doesn’t have to mean buying a whole new outfit. How about making an outfit with stuff you have lying around at home? Cardboard, used paper, any bits and bobs lying around could provide you with the perfect creative costume.

Second hand

If you’ve thought about it and you definitely need something new to create your Halloween masterpiece, why not go to a charity shop instead? Charity shops are full of random clothes to satisfy all of your ghoulish needs. Or better yet have a check round with your friends, they may have just what you need and be more than happy to let you borrow it!

Make up

Just look on YouTube for Halloween make up and you’ll see there are so many ideas for make up to create the perfect Halloween look. Not only is this a lot more sustainable than buying plastic masks, its also so much more creative and comfortable. Get practicing and you could either go for a smoky eye to accentuate your look or go full face and create the perfect make up-mask to go with your scary outfit.

Use your pumpkin!

Pumpkins are an iconic symbol of Halloween, with pumpkin carving being a super fun activity to do with your family and friends in the run up to Halloween. With 8 million pumpkins expected to go in the bin the in UK this Halloween, rather than throw all the insides of the pumpkin away, why not make something with it! There are so many tasty recipes online for pumpkin cakes, pasta sauces and soups; there will definitely be something that tickles your fancy!

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