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Harnessing heat from the underground

Excess heat from the London Underground's Northern line will soon begin keeping homes in Islington warm through the colder months, under a new scheme to harness "waste heat".

The scheme will build on the already established Islington heat network, with the next phase, which is due to be completed in the coming months, aiming to heat a further 450 homes.

"Several years ago, following a rise in heat related feinting incidents on the London Underground, TfL made it clear they intended spending a large sum on installing air-conditioning on the system. While this news was well received by the general public, many environmentalists felt this was not most sustainable way of solving the problem.

We always felt that simply removing the excess heat from the system was only half the story and that how that FREE heat was then used was just as important. So being able to report that this is now being done on the Northern line in Islington is a wonderful thing and proof that sustainable solutions to such problems is always the way forward."

Tom Walsh

Community Ambassador


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