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It's as easy as knife, fork, or spork!

#PlasticFreeMerton Weekly Challenge

"100 billion individual disposable plastic utensils are used every year!

I've been refusing single-use plastic cutlery and bringing my own metal versions from home wherever I go, and hope that this process will also make me more mindful of all of the other bits and bobs that your lunch gets packed up with that we rarely need - multiple serviettes, small packets of salt and pepper...

I'm getting used to carrying a spoon around in my handbag and preempting the automatic offering of plastic from servers at cafes - Tip: I've found you have to say quite quickly that you don't want any cutlery, otherwise they automatically put it into your bag!

I've mainly been eating foods that require just a spoon - i.e soup, because I haven't wanted to carry a metal knife around with me. I think I may need to buy a bamboo cutlery set for on the go... Any recommendations welcome!

I've realised that it is super easy to avoid plastic cutlery if you are organised and remember to bring your own with you. And if you forget, just order things that don't require any! (I had fruit for breakfast on those mornings where I left them on the side of the kitchen!)

I found that using your own items rather than disposable plastic versions sparks a conversation with others and potentially gets them thinking about where they can avoid plastic too, which was really positive."


Community Champion


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