My plastic-free 2018

Hi, Alice here!

Earlier last year, I shared my progress so far on my plastic free new years resolution. A year on, I wanted to reflect on the successes and challenges of the undertaking, my top tips, and my wishes for 2019 when we will be joined by a tiny new member of the family!

I've listed the links to all my favourite products below.

First up, the quick wins!

These are the things I think anyone could achieve with minimal effort; and really there's no excuse not to. Most of these will save you money, too.

Reusing "the big five". Once you make the initial outlay, you save yourself time and money as well as the environment! Plus you get that warm fuzzy feeling. My rucksack is now never without my water bottle, reusable cup, a fork, and a metal straw.

Buy loose and bring your own produce bags. Scrap the flimsy plastic things from the supermarket and invest in a couple of organic cotton mesh bags to contain flyaway onions.

Get milk delivered. The glass bottles are re-used an average of 25 times and are delivered in electric vehicles. It costs slightly more, but no more than you'll save by doing the other tips! We use Milk and More, who also do juice in glass bottles.

Switch up your bathroom products. I'm really pleased our bathroom is now almost entirely plastic free. Solid shampoo, bars of soap and a bamboo safety razor. You'll just need a nice soap dish to stop your products getting gunky! We like Lush, Wild Sage and Co and Happy Holistics. The safety razor really scared me at first, but it's a great shave.