Record-breaking harvest at Phipps Bridge Community Garden

From June to December 2020, our Community Champions harvested a whopping 1,020kg of fresh produce, grown with love and care at Phipps Bridge Community Garden. This is a fantastic result and the first time our team has hit the ton mark! Around a quarter of this was donated to Merton's Community Fridge as part of our Sustainable Food Places programme.

Our Community Gardening Coordinator Ruth has done a bit of number crunching and here's how our harvests turned out...


🌱 Jerusalem artichoke - 7.5kg

🌱 Broad beans - 22.2kg

🌱 Dwarf beans - 12.5kg

🌱 Runner beans 68.75kg

🌱 Beetroot - 15.5kg

🌱 Brussell sprouts - 12.8kg (and still counting)

🌱 Cabbage - 1.8kg (and still counting)

🌱 Cavalo nero - 2.45kg (and still counting)

🌱 Chard - <