Recycle Week: Your questions answered

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Feeling confused and frustrated when it comes to recycling? Is there a particularly tricky item that has you scratching your head when it comes to what can and cannot go in your recycling bin?

This Recycle Week, Community Champion Alyson, the creator of our NEW recycling guide, has been busy finding solutions to your questions to help us all recycle more in Merton!

(Please note that due to the current situation, some services may not be operating as usual. Please contact the service provider for more information.)

Q) What do I do with milk bottle tops, ice cream cartons and metal jam jar lids?

A) Milk bottle tops – these are not taken by Merton Council. However, they are typically accepted by the Work and Play Scrapstore in Wandsworth.

Ice cream cartons – these are not typically made of a plastic that is recycled by the Merton Council. They are a great size, I tend to use them as a replacement for Tupperware (so I don’t buy them in the first place), or for storage, for items in the fridge, or cupboards etc. If you have a lot, I would try posting them on social media (please see Q4 for more details), as they are great for storing craft items etc.

Metal jam jar lids – these can be recycled with Merton Council’s kerbside recycling service. However, you will need to remove the lid.

Q) It's great to see that finally some brochures and leaflets/pamphlets are being sent out using plastic-free packaging. This being said, there are no clear guidelines or recommendations (on the packaging) as to where best to recycle or compost this particular item. Any help on this matter would be appreciated.