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The countdown is on for Emma!

On 2nd June, Merton resident and Community Champion - Emma, will set sail with her 3 crew mates, as they begin what will be a challenge of a life time - rowing 2,400 miles across the Pacific Ocean in just 50 days!

In a fantastic recent radio interview with Voice of Islam on 23rd April, Emma spoke passionately about why she is taking on this huge physical challenge and the key role our #PlasticFreeMerton campaign has in tackling plastic pollution at source.

We're rowing to raise awareness of plastic pollution and climate change. All four of us are committed to protecting the environment. We’ve named our boat 'Ripple Effect Row', the idea being that our actions will influence others to get on board.
We will be bringing a human story to plastic pollution that Merton residents can follow and get engaged with, showing that just as each stroke adds up to an ocean crossing, small actions against plastic adds up to big results."

Emma, Community Champion


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