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#WasteWarriors: Ryan's Story

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Wednesday Morning Litter Picking

by Ryan, aged 9

"When I recently visited my Nan and Granddad I helped them with the weekly Wednesday litter pick in Morden Park. My Nan let me use the litter picking stick while she carried the rubbish bag. We started in the field running alongside London Road. By the time we got round the field we already had 2 full bags of rubbish. There were lots of empty cans of energy drinks, beer cans, plastic water bottles and lots of takeaway boxes and sandwich wrappers left in the park. There was also quite a lot of facemasks, tissues and white sticky tape. I even picked up the remains of a disposable barbeque!

I enjoyed helping my Nan and Granddad on their litter walk but felt quite sad to find so much litter in the park. I did feel very proud of myself at the end of our litter picking walk as the park looked much cleaner, tidier and safe for people and animals to use."

Well done Ryan!

Feeling inspired by Ryan's story? Join our team of #WasteWarriors and help us keep Merton's parks and streets tidy by taking part in a regular group litter pick, organising a private group clean up with up to 5 family and friends or doing your own individual litter pick. Every action counts!

Inspire others to do their bit by sharing your stories and photos on social media. Tag us in your posts (@SustainableMert on Twitter and @sustainablemerton on Instagram) and don't forget to use the hashtag #WasteWarriors.

Happy picking all!


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