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What is agrivoltaics?

(Photo: Bob Demers/UANews)

Agrivoltaics is the term given to the process of harnessing renewable energy from productive farmland.

The process is being assessed by researchers at the University of Arizona* and the results so far are very promising.

The university team have been looking into the effects of installing solar panel arrays on productive farmland and examining what if any effect this has on crop production.

The experiment involves arranging solar panels 6 – 8 feet above crops such as peppers, tomatoes and other vegetables. Many measurements were recorded including crop weights and even the change in soil moisture. As you will see from the article the results so far have been exciting with crop output increasing and loss of moisture reduced while not affecting the production of renewable energy.

As climate change bites even deeper innovative projects like this will, we hope become far more common.

Tom Walsh

Community Ambassador


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