2021 Highlights: AIR QUALITY

Community Engagement and Education

Taking action to improve air quality can lead to a healthier, happier life, highlighted by the improvements in air quality we all experienced during lockdown. Our Community Champions are making it easier than ever for Merton residents to make sustainable changes that will reduce NO2 and PM levels locally and beyond so we can all #BreatheCleanerAir together.

Alongside writing blogs on Active Travel for the Mind, Body, and Planet and Addressing Cycling Concerns, the Community Champions published our colourful and engaging Air Quality Handbook outlining many simple actions that will improve air quality and wellbeing. Through a partnership with The Bike Project, our Community Champions also collected 24 used bikes on Clean Air Day that will be fixed up and given to refugees, enabling more people to join the cycling revolution. That’s equivalent to over 5,700Kg of CO2!

Yvonne, Sustainable Merton Community Champion

"Since working on the Air Quality Handbook, I’ve become more aware of how the air quality around us affects everything from our health and well-being to climate change and beyond."

Kathryn - Sustainable Merton Community Champion, Air Quality Team