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#InTheLoop Update - Bins, Art and Tennis

Updated: May 5, 2021

We’re delighted to announce the launch of the Wimbledon #InTheLoop recycling on-the-go trial in the streets of Merton in early May, and continue promoting a culture of recycling and reuse in the area ♻️

In the upcoming weeks and months, you can expect a refreshed network of brand new colourful recycling bins on your streets, as well as a range of activities and communications reminding residents and visitors alike to recycle plastic bottles and cans when out and about, as it is an easy and impactful way to make a difference to your local area, as well as to the environment.

As a starting point, we sought to find out the content of the bins currently in our high-street, both to get a sense of how people are using the bins, to inform our messages and signage. We completed a waste audit with Recoup and found quite a few interesting things... more to come in the coming weeks!

Have some schools’ connections and want to help a local young person win a ticket to next year’s Tennis Championship and showcase their artistic talents? 🎾

Young people are a key audience that we want to engage with recycling. As a way to promote the campaign’s messages, we are running a competition for young people (aged 13-21), and challenging them to create some original artwork that will feature this summer around Wimbledon. Some incredible prizes are up for grabs, including a chance to win an entry to next year’s Championship, an opportunity to have a workshop with a professional artist and other runner up prizes to be announced!

We want a wide, diverse range of young people living in Merton to apply – so if you have a contact at a local secondary school, college or youth group where you could promote this art competition, please send an email to If you simply know somebody who would like to apply, please bear with us for a few more weeks. We’ll share some more details on the application process on our website. Stay tuned!


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