Plastic Free Merton

Join the fight against plastic pollution.

Our actions  have the power to change the future of our blue planet.

Our Campaign


Led by Sustainable Merton’s Community Champions, our #PlasticFreeMerton campaign seeks to support residents and businesses as they take action to consume less plastic - creating less waste and recycling, and to lobby local and national government to develop plastic reduction strategies.

80% of plastic in our oceans is

from land sources.

No matter where you live, single-use plastics can travel from your hands to storm drains, rivers, streams and, ultimately, into our oceans. 

From Merton to the Maldives, plastic is OUR problem.

Our throwaway culture is destroying our blue planet one plastic bag, straw, coffee cup at a time. This cannot continue. Our actions, right now, matter.


If we all make a small change, it adds up to something huge. Stop plastic pollution at source. Save our oceans!

Ocean Conservancy - How Trash



of plastic enters our oceans every year, causing devastation to marine life

Death of our oceans.

Sir David Attenborough’s popular Blue Planet II series highlighted the serious harm we are inflicting on our oceans by dumping a truck load of plastic waste into these precious ecosystems every minute!

Plastics, by their nature, decompose very slowly, breaking down into tiny pieces know as micro plastics. These are mistaken for food by innocent ocean life, causing death to millions of fish, birds and mammals, and enabling plastics to enter our food chain.

If this continues there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish by 2050.


make a difference.

#PlasticFreeMerton Challenge

We challenge you to take individual action to reduce single-use plastics!


We can all do our bit, and if you already are, we want you to do even more! Even making one small change will make a difference. Our actions really do add up! Start today.



Coffee Cups


2.5 billion coffee cups are used and thrown away each year in the UK-  but as they are lined with plastic, less than 1 in 400 are recycled.


Replace yours with a reusable cup - they come in all shapes and sizes to suit your espresso or skinny latte!

Plastic Bottles


In the UK, we use a staggering 38.5 million single-use plastic bottles and a further 58 million cans every day!​ 


Remember to pack your refillable bottle and top up on the go.

Download the Refill app to locate refill stations nearby.


Shopping Bags

More than one million plastic bags are used every minute – and will have an average ‘working life’ of just 15 minutes.

Buy a reusable bag (there are some stylish ones out there) and save yourself 5p at the supermarket, 

Condiment Containers

Refuse single-use sachets and ask your favourite local restaurant or
takeaway to replace them with
refillable and reusable containers. 


"Tip: I've found you have to say quite quickly that you don't want any cutlery or condiments, otherwise they automatically put them into your bag!" 


Sophie, Community Champion




Millions of straws are used around the world everyday! Sadly, many of these end up in the stomachs of our ocean life.


Say no to the straw! Or choose alternatives such as paper straws.


Avoid plastic cutlery by carrying your own set, or spork, with you, A simple way to reduce single-use plastic when eating on-the-go.

Plastic Packaging


Pass on plastic produce bags and buy loose. Or even better - grow your own at home!

Plastic Free Merton - Weekly Challenge 1
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Plastic Challenge - Roland_edited.jpg

Businesses can help beat plastic pollution

A rising number of local businesses are taking great steps and making achievable, sustainable changes to reduce single-use plastics in Merton. But there is more to be done!

By removing disposable plastics from our cafes, bars, pubs, restaurants, salons, studios and offices, and making plastic-free alternatives readily available to consumers and employees, businesses are creating positive behaviour change to help kick our throwaway habit and
stop the flow of plastics to our oceans!

You and your business can make a difference too!

Water Fountains - Borough Market 2.jpg


your water bottle on the go!

London's friendly cafes, shops, hotels and businesses are signing up to Refill's free tap water scheme, and are welcoming you in to refill your water bottle – for free!


We want more of Merton's brilliant local businesses to join!

Paper Straws Pixabay.jpg


to plastic-free alternatives in your business!


There are so many options out there for businesses to choose from! 

Our friends at Green Element have compiled a great guide to help you select which plastic-free products are right for your business.

#PlasticFreeMertonSWLondoner 2.03.2018 (


Become a #PlasticfreeMerton Business Champion!

Get behind our campaign, be the change and inspire others to get on board

By doing your bit to reduce single-use plastics you are giving consumers a greater opportunity to do theirs

Inspire change.


We are building a team of Community Champions to lead the way and inspire others to get on board our #PlasticFreeMerton campaign.

From supporting campaigning stunts, to approaching local businesses, to sharing their plastic-free journeys on local radio, our Champions are making waves in Merton's fight against plastic pollution.

Are you ready to make a difference?

"we started noticing just
how much plastic we use - and quickly realised that recycling it wasn’t good enough!"



Community Champion

Plastic-Free Picks

(as recommended by you)

Shampoo bar, £5

Read the Label

"My shampoo bar has saved me money - and it does a great job. I met Dan, who makes them, at a music festival - he’s based at Camden Market." - John, Business Champion

Safety Razor, £27 (approx.)

Edwin Jagger


"My best buy has been to switch from disposable razors to a metal safety razor. I have also made a massive cost saving in the long run, as the blades can be bought in bulk." - Kate, Community Champion

Massage Bar, various prices



"I found it really easy to switch to lotion bars wrapped in paper from Lush - with a wide range to choose from" - Justine, Community Champion

Reusable Coffee Mug, £10.95

Ecoffee Cup


"To get your friends on board - eco coffee cups, aluminium flasks, nice shopping bags make great presents." - Alison, Community Champion

Stack Cup (plastic-free cups for events)

Find out more

"It's washable, hard wearing, re-usable, money-saving, and easily portable. Businesses can print their brand on it, so a good promo opportunity. The punters like them too as you can easily carry a few at a time" - Emma, Community Champion

Vegware (catering disposables)

Find out more


"Our straws, baguette sleeves, takeaway boxes and even our cutlery is made of cornstarch which is heat resistant up to 85 degrees." - Hannah, Business Champion

Splosh (washing up liquid)

Find out more


"You can only buy Splosh online, but it provides refill packs via the post making it more environmentally friendly." - Justine, Community Champion

Support your local milkman!


"Glass bottles are more sustainable than plastic ones, as they can be reused endlessly. Milkmen also provide a vital service to house-bound people and deliver a wide range of goods as well as milk" - Juliet, Trustee & Community Champion

Sustainable Merton is not endorsing any of the products listed but merely sharing it for information


USEful links


Recycling Bottles


With our Community Champions at the helm, we are informing, inspiring and mobilising Merton residents to actively making changes to their lifestyles to reduce waste and recycle more - the right way.

Web Header - Refill Merton.jpg


Brought to you by Sustainable Merton as part of the national award-winning Refill scheme by City to Sea, Refill Merton aims to disrupt the social norm of buying bottled water on-the-go and make carrying a reusable bottle the new normal.

Litter Pick Colliers Wood

Litter picks

Merton residents are coming together across the borough to clean up the plastic waste and litter that is harming our rivers and oceans. Will you join us?

Morden Library of Things, Abe and Hedge

library of things

Sustainable Merton has partnered with social enterprise Library of Things and Merton Council to bring you Morden Library of Things - the first of its kind in Merton!​ You can now pop into Morden Library to borrow useful household items like drills, carpet cleaners and gazebos from just £1 per day.

Blog banner - Wimbledon In The Loop.jpg

Wimbledon #intheloop

Sustainable Merton has teamed up with Merton Council and environmental charity Hubbub to make it easy to recycle while out and about. The #InTheLoop recycling trial will introduce colourful new recycling bins to the streets while reminding locals how easy and impactful recycling plastic bottles and cans on-the-go is.

Recycle, Blue, Jeans (1).jpg


Sustainable Merton Community Champion Alyson Elliott has created a document full of ideas and tips on where to recycle the items that can't go in your kerbside collection.​ This handy guide will help you recycle more, recycle correctly.

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