2021 Highlights: ENERGY

Community Engagement and Education

This winter, more people than ever are sadly living in fuel poverty. At the same time, energy used to heat and power buildings accounts for 81% of the borough's greenhouse gas emissions meaning that reducing individual energy consumption plays a critical role in meeting Merton's emission targets.

Our Energy Team was on a mission to help people reduce their energy usage, which can also save a lot of £££! These Champions developed numerous resources to enable behaviour changes including blogs on electric cars, the fuel poverty crisis, and an incredible eco home. They also published the inspiring Energy Saving Handbook which summarises actions people can take, big and small.

“Being a Community Champion has enabled me to help Sustainable Merton inspire a more sustainable lifestyle at a local level, while learning how this can contribute to the systemic change our society needs to address the pressing challenges of the global climate crisis.”

Anca - Sustainable Merton Community Champion, Energy Team

COP26: Mobilising our Community to Respond to the Climate Emergency