Coffee addicts: Reducing the environmental impact of your caffeine habit

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

Blog by Taylor & Jenna

Sustainable Merton Community Champions

The UK is coffee-obsessed, with over 95 million cups of coffee being consumed each day*. You can save a whole lot of £££ (and the planet), by following a few simple tips.


2.5 billion takeaway cups are used each year in the UK! One of the simplest ways to reduce your impact is to ditch single-use cups and bag yourself a stylish reusable one. High-street coffee houses such as Paul and Pret even offer 50p off your bill to customers who bring their own cup. With incentives like that, you could save a whopping £130 a year if you purchase coffee on-the-go 5 times a week. Head over to Ecoffee or your favourite local gift shop to pick up a reusable cup today.

❔ Did you know, you can use your reusable cup for cold drinks too! Many coffee shops also sell reusable cups specifically for cold drinks so you can waste less and save more.

Fact: Don’t put your disposable coffee cups in with the recycling!

The discrete plastic lining, which ensures the cups are waterproof, must be removed before they can be recycled. This means that fewer than 1 in 400 disposable coffee cups are recycled. However many high street coffee shops (such as Costa, Pret, Cafe Nero and McDonald's) have agreements with specialised recycling facilities and are happy to accept your used coffee cups. Head into your local coffee shop to see if they can recycle your cup today!