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"Can this be recycled?"

Many of us are doing our bit to reduce waste by recycling as much as possible through Merton Council's waste collection service, but despite our best efforts, there is still a lot of confusion around recycling.

A report published by plastic supplier Hi-cone revealed that 66% of UK adults are unsure about how to recycle certain plastics. However, UK adults were also among the keenest recyclers of the respondents, with 92% reporting that they regularly recycle at home.

To reduce waste, increase recycling and move towards a circular economy, there needs to be more guidance and consistency when it comes to what can be recycled and where.


Here's where we can help!

What to do with...

Sustainable Merton Community Champion Alyson Elliott has created a document full of ideas and tips on where to recycle the items that can't go in your kerbside collection.

This is a fantastic resource that will help you recycle morerecycle correctly, and keep recyclable materials in the waste and resources system.

Search for an item

Please read the instructions provided. This document is best viewed on a PC/laptop and other devices with a larger screen.

To explore the document, scroll down to the bottom of the spreadsheet and click the 'Recycling' tab.


The document has a filter function to help you find the items you are looking for. If the filter view is not visible, please follow these instructions:

  1. Go to the menu bar (File, Edit etc.)

  2. Click 'Data' (a dropdown menu will appear)

  3. Click 'Filter views'

  4. Click 'Create new temporary filter view'

To find a specific item:

Go to Item > click the filter icon > click Clear (next to select all) > type in the item (e.g. plastic) > tick the boxes that you want to see.

You may need to use the arrow keys on the keyboard of your device to explore the full document. The page may jump to the top when filtering the document - please scroll back down if this happens.

The idea

Merton resident and Waste Warrior, Alyson Elliott has a keen interest in leading a more sustainable lifestyle and working within the community to help promote environmentally friendly ways to recycle and minimise items going to landfill.

"After attending Green Coffee, I realised that despite there being schemes and options available for recycling or reusing items that would otherwise be thrown into landfill, they were not widely known, even to people such as those attending Green Coffee, who have a vested interest in all things green. So, I created a document - Ideas and tips for recycling items which cannot be taken by the council’s kerbside recycling scheme. This has now grown and developed into what can hopefully be a useful tool."

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